Full-service film production from the heart of Germany

It is the story that is the heart of every movie, whether being no-budget or big productions. In the end, that is what will stick in the heads of the audience, from cinema to Youtube. We are specialized in telling all the little and bigger stories and turning them into haunting movies. From first concepts to principal filming and final touches in post-production.

'We' - first of all that is me, Torsten Porstmann, a qualified audio-visual media designer for film and television. But because every film making process is slightly different from the other, there are a couple of specialists by my side taking care of your production. With lots of heart and soul, experience and passion for the story and the final film.

Because we do films. Handmade.

Satisfied customers (excerpt):

German Foundation for Children and Youth (DKJS)
European Environmental Bureau Brussels EEB
IMG Saxony-Anhalt
KUNST/MITTE art exhibition for Central Germany
NABU - German Society for Nature Conservation
Puppet Theater Magdeburg
State chancellery of Saxony-Anhalt
Volkswagen AG